65 Best Action Quotes On Success In Life

These action quotes will inspire you. Action, the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

Below you will find a collection of motivating, happy, and encouraging action quotes, action sayings, and action proverbs.

Inspirational Action Quotes

  1. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
  2. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt
  3. “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.” ~ Napoleon Hill , Right action quotes
  4. “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

  5. “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” ~ Walt Disney
  6. “Action expresses priorities.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
  7. “Nothing happens until something moves.” ~ Albert Einstein
  8. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ~ Winston Churchill

  9. “You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action.” ~ Tony Robbins , Take action quotes
  10. “Action and becoming are one.” ~ Meister Eckhart
  11. “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” ~ Confucius
  12. “Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” ~ W. Clement Stone , Thinking without action quotes
  13. “Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it.” ~ Cathy Hopkins

  14. “Action is character.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald
  15. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams , Inspired action quotes
  16. “What we think or what we know or what we believe is in the end of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do” ~ John Ruskin
  17. “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  18. “Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale
  19. “Action is the foundational key to all success.” ~ Pablo Picasso
  20. “It is easy to sit up and take notice, What is difficult is getting up and taking action.” ~ Honore de Balzac
  21. “Deliberation is the work of many men. Action, of one alone.” ~ Charles de Gaulle

  22. “Thus every action must be due to one or other of seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reasoning, anger, or appetite.” ~ Aristotle
  23. “Our ancestors who changed the world did so through new ideas which came to them as they acted.” ~ Raymond Charles Barker
  24. “Ideas become powerful only if they appear in the flesh; an idea which does not lead to action by the individual and by groups remains at best a paragraph or a footnote in a book.” ~ Erich Fromm
  25. “Make history or be a part of it.” ~ Phil Knight

  26. “Ideas are useless unless used. The proof of their value is in their implementation. Until then, they are in limbo.” ~ Theodore Levitt
  27. “Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.” ~ Ingrid Bengis
  28. “Beings are owners of their action, heirs of their action.” ~ Gautama Buddha
  29. “Doing the Right Thing – Sometimes doing the right thing, is to do nothing at all.” ~ Mike Kafka

  30. “You’re a doer because you’re prepared to make the necessary effort to translate your dream into action.” ~ Paul McCabe
  31. “Let every man or woman here remember this, that if you wish to be great at all, you must begin where you are and with what you are. He who would be great anywhere must first be great in his own Philadelphia.” ~ Russell Conwell
  32. “He who has no taste for order will be often wrong in his judgment, and seldom considerate or conscientious in his actions.” ~ Johann Kaspar Lavater
  33. “It isn’t that inspiration doesn’t exist, but it comes only with writing.” ~ John Braine

  34. “Let your actions always speak for you, but be forever on guard against the terrible traps of false pride and conceit that can halt your progress. The next time you are tempted to boast, just place your fist in a full pail of water, and when you remove it, the hole remaining will give you a correct measure of your importance.” ~ Og Mandino
  35. “Rightness expresses of actions, what straightness does of lines; and there can no more be two kinds of right action than there can be two kinds of straight lines.” ~ Herbert Spencer
  36. “Indolence is a delightful but distressing state; we must be doing something to be happy. Action is no less necessary than thought to the instinctive tendencies of the human frame.” ~ William Hazlitt
  37. “Your automatic guidance system cannot guide you when you’re stalled, “standing still”.” ~ Maxwell Maltz

  38. “In order to make a visualization a reality in the world of form, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.” ~ Wayne Dyer
  39. “Infuse your life with action.” ~ Bradley Whitford
  40. “Practice non-action. Work without doing.” ~ Laozi
  41. “Why should we be cowed by the name of Action?.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

  42. “The German intellect wants the French sprightliness, the fine practical understanding of the English, and the American adventure; but it has a certain probity, which never rests in a superficial performance, but asks steadily, To what end? A German public asks for a controlling sincerity.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  43. “The test of any man lies in action.” ~ Pindar
  44. “Be purposeful. Be patient, and be active!” ~ John Assaraf
  45. “Actions have consequences.” ~ Morton Blackwell

  46. “Judge not of actions by their mere effect; Dive to the center, and the cause detect. Great deeds from meanest springs may take their course, And smallest virtues from a mighty source.” ~ Alexander Pope
  47. “The food of hope is meditative action.” ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
  48. “This body, full of faults, Has yet one great quality: Whatever it encounters in this temporal life depends upon one’s actions.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  49. “Imagination without initiative would more properly be called idle daydreaming.” ~ James Van Fleet

  50. “Actions rare and sudden do commonly proceed from fierce necessity, or else from some oblique design, which is ashamed to show itself in the public road.” ~ William Davenant
  51. “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” ~ Dale Evans
  52. “Let thy mind still be bent, still plotting, where, And when, and how thy business may be done. Slackness breeds worms; but the sure traveler, Though he alights sometimes still goeth on.” ~ George Herbert
  53. “The worst thing I can do is nothing.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

  54. “To be active is the primary vocation of man.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  55. “Do not be afraid because the community teems with excitement. Silence and death are dreadful. The rush of life, the vigor of earnest men, the conflict of realities, invigorate, cleanse, and establish the truth.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher
  56. “No two things differ more than hurry and despatch. Hurry is the mark of a weak mind; despatch of a strong one.” ~ Charles Caleb Colton
  57. “Doing leads more surely to talking than talking to doing.” ~ Bill Vaughan

  58. “Newton’s great generalization, which he called the “third law of motion,” was that “Action and reaction are always equal to each other;” and that law has been one of the most pregnant of all truths about the mystery of force;–one of the brightest windows through which modern eyes have looked into the world of Nature.” ~ Phillips Brooks
  59. “Advise well before you begin, and when you have maturely considered, then act with promptitude.” ~ Sallust
  60. “Wouldst thou know the lawfulness of the action which thou desirest to undertake, let thy devotion recommend it to Divine blessing: if it be lawful, thou shalt perceive thy heart encouraged by thy prayer; if unlawful, thou shalt find thy prayer discouraged by thy heart. That action is not warrantable which either blushes to beg a blessing or, having succeeded, dares not present a thanksgiving.” ~ Francis Quarles
  61. “Living requires but little life; doing requires much.” ~ Joseph Joubert

  62. “There is no word or action but may be taken with two hands,–either with the right hand of charitable construction, or the sinister interpretation of malice and suspicion; and all things do succeed as they are taken. To construe an evil, action well is but a pleasing and profitable deceit to myself; but to misconstrue a good thing is a treble wrong,–to myself, the action, and the author.” ~ Joseph Hall
  63. “There is no action so slight or so mean but it may be done to a great purpose, and ennobled thereby.” ~ John Ruskin
  64. “All power appears only in transition. Permanent power is stuff.” ~ Novalis
  65. “Better than we should err in action than wholly refuse to perform. The storm is so much better than the calm, as it declares the presence of a living principle. Stagnation is something worse than death. It is corruption also.” ~ William Gilmore Simms

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