Turn Your Qualities Into A Superpower

Your positive qualities in life act as your weapon for different situations in life. These positive qualities can be the qualities you inculcate by observing others or identify your own strength. Your qualities could be anything from your index finger to the brain, your voice, your looks, your communication or your ability to make someone laugh, etc.
We realize we have lost our positive quality when we start facing rejection of what was once our positive strength. We can listen to our inner voice about our degraded positive quality and how we didn’t take care of it.

I was a good looking guy, most people used to say, but my overconfidence, lack of attentiveness cost me big time. I devalued my health & badly lost weight not because I was suffering from any disease, just because I never cared about it. At least during my teenage years and mid-20s, I used to check if I am eating good food and exercising frequently [Not always weight lifting, but normal stretching, running] but I turned careless as I entered in graduation. One day, two days, three days, slowly it becomes a habit without us even realizing it.

And we totally ignore it until we are punched in the face again. And again, you wake up when that positive quality is required the most. Mine was during my wedding; my GF wants me to look healthy again otherwise bye bye! Rejection, which was a tight slap for me to wake up, I just started tackling one day at a time, from daily pushups to exercises I was taught during my football playing days, warm-up then, I gradually included some dumbbells to my routine. All these activities at home only, now I am in good shape and relationship.

That day I learned one thing, never ever take anything for granted, how small it may be. Always, feel gratitude and take absolute care of your positive qualities and keeping adding more. One day, you will have an army of qualities which you have learned and can be proud of. One quality like strong willpower [able to control cigarettes/drugs] may be small for you, but it can really be a big deal for someone else.

When I went for marketing meetings with clients, I realized why clients buy or even likely to meet again with presentable personalities especially. Your mind also makes perception after you meet a bored, lazy, unfit person. You see people around you who are healthy and good communicators or coders or designers or dancers or confident or singers or whatever, it maybe there might be one quality which you might come across and will regret I had this quality positive strength in me but I lost it. Now, you will work again to regain that old quality while your competition might be accumulating one more positive strength to their bag.

One day when you will count your blessings, you will realize you have enough and understand why these gifts were bestowed upon you.
Keep adding new positive qualities without losing your existing strengths. One day you will be invincible and when you will receive compliments for that particular quality which you thought insignificant, it will give immense satisfaction.

So What You Can Do…

i.  Thank God: – Always be thankful for everything right from one more day added to your life, food, you can breathe/walk/talk. If you aren’t thankful then how you will welcome new qualities while taking care of old ones.
ii. Write Down Your Strengths: – It will allow your brain to work on identifying your strengths and keep reminding on what qualities you can be proud of.
iii. Add New Qualities: – Learn from observing people around you. You can learn daring, dating, communication, karate, music, rangoli, how to make money, photography, Sales, driving, styling, meditation, practice positivity.

Your every strength will be tested at one point in time directly or indirectly. I played football a lot, I didn’t’ make it to Nationals, but somehow it is benefiting me because my legs are strong which helps me to stay fit and not get tired easily even during hectic on-field sales assignments.

How You Can Identify Your Qualities/Strengths

Identify things on which you get maximum feedback from people. It can be your silly jokes or your technique to solve the mathematics, or your looks or your voice or your quite brave, daring person or good communicator or leader or patience or counseling or commitment or extrovert/introvert or visualizer or reader/writer or quick learner or good lover or confidence [not overconfidence] or hard worker. Look at how people are using their skills in day to day life.

Some of the Strengths/Qualities I Found in Myself:

  1. My positive attitude and finding the solution to problems
  2. Storytelling ability
  3. My smile
  4. My communication skills
  5. Very good listener
  6. Dreamer
  7. Observer
  8. I can do good consulting
  9. Fond of new things

I am adding more qualities for which I can be thankful for in life.

In your 60years  lifespan, situations change every day as circumstances, people around it change so you never know which positive quality will be required. At that moment you will not say let me come prepared. You will regret why you neglected your strengths. You have to implement too, all these positive qualities of yours at the right time otherwise you will be the person with a superpower but doesn’t know how to use them. If you get a positive method someone gave you and you believe it is useful to take that advice too. Add one more quality to your arsenal & don’t be stubborn.

Always be willing to learn new things and embrace the change.

We love to write about our experiences to motivate and inspire the lives of people we touch. We believe when you succeed we succeed with you.

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