Stop Feeling Low In Life And Start Being Happy

What to do when you feel low in life, dejected, rejected whether it is from your girlfriend, marriage, new job, business or your next planned task. Everyone goes through ups and downs in life there is no human being who is always at the top of his game/craft and getting all the answers in yesssss.

Most of us focus on our lows, therefore; all our energy goes into negativity. Why is everything wrong in my life?  Why me?  Why am I rejected again?  Why am I so confused? Why don’t I have enough money?  All these & many more questions keep swirling in our minds. Sometimes you want to stay alone and don’t want to share your feelings or whatever you are going through. I believe before you get too tangled in your own virtual world remember there is always a solution. Happiness is always waiting just right next door, you have to change your perspective towards a situation.

Remember this, whatever you are going through now won’t even matter 5 years down the line. You don’t have to lose hope, you are a survivor & you can survive this too. “This too shall pass”. I will suggest talking to someone close to you if not directly then indirectly about what they would have done in similar situations. People are afraid to talk about brain/mind related mess as if society will declare them retarded/mental/ psycho. The brain is an organ just like other organs in our body. We need to keep it healthy and do regular maintenance whenever required. Go! be at a place where you can be happy, respected and you are passionate about it.

You should know how to deal with ‘NOs’ in life. When you expect something and it is not happening as per your expectations don’t act like a crying baby, don’t settle, and don’t doubt yourself. Stand up again and rectify what you can change to change the outcome in your favor. Don’t change your goals; change your path to reach there. “If something is not happening as per your expectations right now, don’t think life is a hell; Tables will turn soon”.

Don’t lose hope; everything happening around you is a distraction. It’s God’s way of testing you before giving success in your hands. Stay positive!

Come home, sit quietly and listen to your favorite music. Watch some positive motivational videos and enjoy your coffee. Give yourself a thought, what’s your biggest target/goal in life which will give a lifetime of satisfaction & give meaning to your life in this world. Start again; there can’t be ‘NO’ forever. Things will turn around, and the table will spin in your favor. Visualize yourself in a timeframe where you will feel waoooo & realize everything you ever dreamt/demanded is falling into the right place.

If you sit around feeling clumsy you are wasting your time because the present moment is all you got my friends! So start the work whether it’s related to your health, looks, business idea, new job, new class, new commitments, or new tasks. Whatever it is, keep yourself busy again. When you will look back in time, you will feel proud of yourself after seeing enough work is completed by you to get rolling again. Otherwise, after a month or so you will still be at Zero and One is always better than zero. Take the step and keep going.

What to do when you feel low in life:-

  1. Give time some time: –Whatever you want to achieve or going on currently in your life will definitely take time. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” & good things take time to develop and it is believed that base should always be strong. Till then enjoy these moments and collect them as experiences. Don’t feel frustrated and upset within 24hrs of the situation that has happened. Unnecessarily, don’t boil your blood and waste it. Indulge in other activities and keep your day full of productivity tasks. Every day, 1440 minutes are credited to our life account and every minutes situation changes with infinite permutation & combinations. 
    Your current situation is not permanent and you can change it with your positive actions. Take life in your hand and take the driver seat. The right mindset will take you places and you can overcome any situation in your life. Have patience because impatience can cause friction and burst your energy tire. Sometimes impatience can lead you to decisions which you might regret later. Let some days pass by, you will see the light coming in and guide you to the right solution.
  1. Remember why you even started in the first place: –Situations we find ourselves in are somehow created by our actions. If you have taken any step towards achieving something, always remember the reason behind it. This reason will motivate you during times of crisis. The reason can be small, big, strong or weak; it should be passionate enough to keep you moving.
    We usually give up immediately after the first rejection, I am sure there are hardly any successful people who have met with massive success in the first attempt. You can grow far provided you to fight back and re-work on your situation to achieve success.
  1. Indulge in your hobbies: –When we feel sad we turn towards our hobbies to kill time and change the mood. Hobbies can lighten your thoughts and open new options for your thoughts. Whatever you love, whether it is cooking, writing, PlayStation, gardening, movies, drawing, or music start working on it. Hobbies are your best friend which brings happiness and gives enough time to rethink your situation. It will keep you occupied and refreshed for new challenges.
  2. Watch motivational content: –As eating is required daily for energy; I believe motivation/inspiration is equally essential to keep the passion high. Certain words or advice from the unknown can sometimes really act as a blessing in disguise. Positive thoughts and guidance show that we are not alone; there have been people in similar situations. This gives certain satisfaction and motivational content can answer complicated thoughts. Autobiographies have inspired me a lot because it contains failures and struggles of successful people. How someone deals with a certain situation can guide your path too.
  1. Talk to your loved ones: –Communication is very important as it helps to convey feelings faster. Your loved ones like parents, friends or well-wishers can give moral support during your low phase. People close to you will give the right advice based on their experiences. Any help during a crisis can really sometimes act as a big lifesaver. If you don’t talk, it is your loss because you are losing the opportunity to lighten your mood and make you cheerful again.

low in life

  1. Workout:-When you feel low in life, I will suggest you go out and start your workout. You will be aggressive and double pumped up to hit the bench due to your rejection in life. Use these low pace and aggression towards the right channel. Exercise pumps your blood and regulates your mood. It gives a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Workouts will keep you busy while helping in building your health. When you come out of your current situation, your body/health will be top-class which will give an added advantage.
  2. By moving forward: –You may find yourself in situations where going back is not the option. These situations can be girlfriend rejection, new job blunder, business failure or an argument, it is sometimes best to neglect these situations and move forward in life. When the situation is not amendable, it is foremost to leave it behind and move happily. Life is very short; you have to make decisions where you want your energy to be spent.
  3. Make a routine: –When you feel downhearted, you tend to spend maximum time in thinking and later realize time has lapsed. Your schedule will keep you focused and will make you a doer. Follow your to-do list this will keep you occupied and neglect unnecessary negative rejected thoughts. After two days you will feel content and will pat yourself on the back. Feel proud of yourself that you didn’t sulk in rather achieved something.
  4. Smile & laugh: –Watch stuff that makes you happy and swings your thoughts. Laugh at yourself; laugh at the scenario which is making you sad. Believe me, it will make things easier and your mindset will change. Just say it loud to your situations, ‘Anyways, everything will come to an end someday so why to sit low on 1,2,3…even on 100 rejections; instead, start again & smile more!’.
  5. Cry: –We try to become a stone-hearted person and punish ourselves. Cry out loud, let your emotions flow. Later on, it feels better and it relieves inner pain.

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