What You Can Learn From Ramayan Most Watched Show

Ramayan most watched show has taught me things that nothing could teach. Even if you belong to other religions, Ramayan will not fail to inspire you. 

Hindu culture not only believes Ramayan but also brings the lessons of Ramayan to life and Diwali, the biggest festival of Hindus, is celebrated because on this day King Ram along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman saved Ayodhya by killing the demon Ravana.

The story of Rama’s return home from exile teaches us a lot and there are so many developments that pave the way for us.

The Ramayan, one of the two major texts of the Hindus, gives a different perspective of life and describes how good triumphs over evil in the end. The Ramayan is a story of a royal family and dynasty that offers the ideal of mutual relations between husband and wife, brother, and other family members. Every Hindu family tells its children about scripture and has grown up watching the Ramayan on TV every Sunday morning.

What Ramayan Teaches Us

1. Unity In Diversity

Do I even need to narrate a story on how a bundle of pencils cannot be broken? The age-old adage “Unity is Strength” is reverberating loud in my ears as I see how people are fighting against each other for trivial reasons. I can also see two brothers fighting over a piece of land that is solely the possession of mother nature.

Ram and Laxman is an embodiment of true brotherhood and unity. Well, this was brotherhood between the blood of the same family. What about Ramayan preaching unity among various diversities? Then let me tell you that one major lesson of Ramayan is, unity in diversity.

In this epic, the three queens of King Dasharatha and the four sons have different characters. But despite this diversity, the kind of solidarity that remains in them is a lesson for every family to come out of times of grief. It does not matter where you come from. We are all humans who need love and support. It is time to unite. United we stand, Divided we fall.

2.  Victory Of Good Over Evil

Every now and then I ask myself,

“Do I need to get sour to achieve something in my life?”

Is this not a question that disturbs you too? The biggest lesson of Ramayan is that good always triumphs over evil. The way Ravana cast a bad eye on Mother Sita and finally, Lord Rama defeated Ravana and regained Sita. This lesson does not end here.

One more thing worth keeping in mind is the time that it takes for the victory to occur. Victory is not a runner. It will come to you but at last. The essence of Ramayan is that no matter how powerful or great the evil is, but due to its good intentions and virtues, truth only wins.

3. Importance Of Good Association

 This book tells us the importance of the good company.  Kaikeyi wanted Rama more than his son Rama but after getting into the bad thinking and wrong things of Maasi Manthara, she asks for 14 years of exile for Rama.

 Therefore, we learn that we should live in good company so that negativity does not dominate us.

4. True Devotion And Dedication

Whatever task you do requires true devotion if you want to be successful in that task. Hanuman Ji showed unwavering faith and love towards Lord Rama.  His immense Lagna and selfless service to Lord Rama teach us how to help a friend in times of need.

 It tells that we should surrender ourselves without any doubt at the feet of our worship.  When we surrender ourselves at the feet of that omnipresent, we get nirvana or salvation and get rid of birth and death.

5. Relationships Greater Than Opulence

What is opulence?

Opulence is something that entices you to turn a blind eye even to your own kins. Money is opulence. People feed on money. Luxuries come before families. In today’s world, opulence prevails. 

Such a love of brothers where greed, anger, or betrayal could not make it home is a great example.  While Laxman spent 14 years in exile with brother Ram, the other brother Kaikeyi’s son turned down the throne.

Instead, he urged Lord Rama to forgive him and take over the reins because Rama had the right over it.  This learning of the love of brothers motivates us to value relationships rather than greed and worldly pleasures.

Does this teach you anything? I guess so. 

6. Forgiveness Is Better Than Revenge

 Ravana was a learned man but kidnapping Mata Sita caused his downfall.  This shows that we burn ourselves in the fire of revenge in order to harm others.

Ravana, thinking of his sister Surpanakha being insulted by Lakshmana, tries to teach his brother Rama a lesson and gets himself entangled in his own web of anger, betrayal, and vengeance.  Therefore, we should adopt the nature of forgiveness instead of vengeance, egoism, and anger. You can either forgive someone and be happy or take revenge and be anguished. It is up to you.

7. True Service To God

 Before Rama goes to the forest, there is a dialogue between Lakshmana and his mother Sumitra where she teaches Lakshmana to conduct with Rama and Sita, then she explains that one should serve God with a sincere mind because it is this liberation.  Is the door.

Sumitra says, O Laxman, you may live with Rama and Sita, but where Rama is there, there is complete Ayodhya.  She tells Lakshmana to serve the Lord to the best of his ability because that is the greatest work and the greatest purpose of life.

 8. Most Equal Practices

 The humble conduct of Lord Rama and giving respect to everyone, elders and young ones, teach us a lesson.  We should treat each other irrespective of status, age, gender, etc.  We should also treat animals with love and kindness.  The true human being is the one who behaves most equitably.

9. Power Of Faith In God

Now you may be an atheist but you cannot ignore what this epic has to say. The bridge between India and Sri Lanka, built by Ram, Laxman, and the monkey army, is a sign of the miracle.  The way stones started floating by writing the name of God.

 It is also big learning that by taking the name of God, who crossed the ocean from the bridge, in the same way, by taking his name, you can cross this Bhavsagar and achieve victory in every field.

10. Love And Kindness

 Lord Rama is a symbol of love, kindness, and positivity and if any of us takes even 10 percent of it in our daily life then he can lead a happy and content life.

 His calm and compassionate discharge of the responsibilities of a son, husband, brother, and the king makes us aware of human qualities like mutual love and respect.

 In order to win over the evils of society, we need to learn the lessons of Ramayan in modern times.

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