No Motivation To Do Anything – Get Motivation Back

Being not motivated is the worst feeling ever. When I was a boy back in the days I would always run home during closing days only if my grades are pleasing because my dad would buy me a new storybook, this was not the case when I failed the end term exams.

How To Stop Being Depressed When There Is No Motivation?

Whenever I have no motivation all I do is to try my best to get it back, why? Because I need it each day of my life since it is the desire that drives me to carry out my daily activities. It is that in my desire in me that keeps me going. Having no motivation makes me lazy and less productive in whatever I do. I have achieved all that I have achieved simply because I am always motivated.

Why Does Less Motivate Lately To Do Anything?

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy.” — Norman Vincent Peale. Sometimes you might lack that motivation to do anything, sometimes you don’t even want to get out of bed in the morning because am not motivated. Some of the things that make me have no motivation are low self-esteem, being discouraged by people around especially those you truly believe in and having a bad attitude towards life.

Am I Depressed What Can I Do When I Have No Desire To Do Anything?

Imagine doing something with all your strength hoping that the reward is equal to the task and then at the end you get nothing, this does not only discourage a person but it also makes someone unmotivated. When I was in college doing my bachelor’s degree I had this close friend who happened to also my hostel roommate, he could sleep the whole day and at the same time discouraging me not to work hard this left me unmotivated.

Am I Depressed?

Whenever I have no motivation I get depressed, I get tired and lazy. Being depressed is indeed a very dangerous disease ever as it makes a person lose focus and you end up not achieving your goals in life. I always get depressed whenever I am not motivated and with time I have learned how to deal with the situation. I always go for a walk, do a lot of exercises and also share my story with friends. This has helped me tremendously in dealing with depression.

What Can I Do When I Have No Desire To Do Anything?

When I do a lot and the reward is too little I get not motivated, I always feel like whatever I am doing is not worth it. Imagine you go to work daily and you’re doing your best to the company, everybody else in the company is being appreciated by your boys but you’re not this can make you unmotivated. I always focus on my goals whenever I unmotivated, I look at the things I have not done and the things I have done this alone ignites my motivation when it is no more. It works.

How Do I Get My Motivation Back?

Many have confused depression with having no motivation to do things. These two are totally two different things but you can be depressed because you have no motivation to do things. That feeling of being tired and lazy when you are less or not motivated to do things is depression. Depression is kind of a medical condition that can be caused by having less or no motivation to do things and the two go hand in hand. It is rare to find someone with no motivation who is not depressed.

How Do You Get Clarity On What You Want?

When I don’t have that desire to do anything all I do is very simple I take a quick check into my life, my goals, my achievements, where I have come from and where I am going. This drives me to do more and to do it with a lot of seriousness and focus than ever before. Being unmotivated is just a mindset and can be dealt with. It is only a matter of believing that you don’t have to be unmotivated and that it does not even exist in reality.

How To Stay Positive And Motivated?

I always regain my motivation to do things back at any time am not motivated because it is the best thing to do. Being not motivated can make you stuck in your comfort for years. Any case is having no motivation to do things, I get people who can help me to recover back to normal. Having someone to speak to is the best medicine for a lack of motivation. I also keep my mind positive in what I am doing by focusing on my goals and achievements. Avoiding being idle can make one not to lack the motivation to do things.

How Do I Become Lazy?

Laziness is a sign of being less or not motivated to do things and it must be avoided by all means for one to succeed in life. I always make sure that I am engaged in doing something add so as to keep my mind busy not to get lazy. Laziness can be avoided by associating with people who have worked hard they will make you motivated not to be lazy. Getting aware of the effects of laziness also makes someone not be lazy.

How To Stay Focused?

One thing that took me time and is to clearly know what I want. Knowing what you really want can take time but it is important. When you know what you need you will concentrate on what you need. You can only get clarity on what you want when you have written it down. I always write everything I need step by step and by the time of actualization I find it very easy to follow them step and step.

How Can I Wake Up With Energy?

Having my motivation activated all of the time has kept me positive in life. I always wake up with a plan for a day each and every day and at the end of every single day I end up celebrating my achievements for that particular day. Having that small something done each day has kept me positive and motivated.

How Do I Start Motivation For A Day?

Being motivated has enhanced my focus in life. When I am motivated I find a reason to concentrate on my activities and focus on them. Waking up with a fresh mind has also played a great role in my focus, being stress-free and having a fresh mind that can think straight is the recipe for my focus. Everything I do when I am focused and motivated is a success.

I really need that energy and motivation for me to have a smooth life and that is the reason each day I must wake up with a lot of energy and motivation. I do a lot of exercises each morning, eat well immediately after waking up to stay strong and motivated.

How To Wake Up Feeling Energized?

My life, my achievements, my strength I all owe it to the motivation that I have. Waking up very early in the morning when I am very positive makes me motivated and very focused. Praying for God to bless my day each morning makes me motivated each morning. Motivation in the morning is indeed the key to success.

Having energy in the morning when I wake up has kept me going and moving mountains each day of my life is a success because of the strength every morning. I always do exercise each morning after waking up before doing anything to get energized for the long day ahead of me. Depression can make you weak so I always avoid things that can cause a lot of worries to my mind.

My successes, my dreams, my goals, my family and my purpose of living have kept me motivated. Each time I get unmotivated, I always think and rethink about the future ahead of me. This has kept me ever motivated. Being around those who are motivated, focused and positive has also made me more focused.

What Motivates Your Life?

Nothing in life can’t be done and only if you believe then we can move mountains but those who are successful have only one secret, they are ever motivated. Knowing who you are and what you want are the questions I always ask myself when I am unmotivated.

Lack of motivation can bring more harm than good. Many suicide cases are because of lack of motivation because many fail in life because they are unmotivated and they end up killing themselves.

After my degree graduation, I thought I will land my dream job as soon as possible but this was not the case, it took me so long to land a job. As a result, I felt less motivated and a life lost meaning to me so I ended up in drug abuse. This affected my social life and my entire life, after which I took to the rehabilitation center to seek medical care. Thank God it all went well and I got fine, that is when I came to understand that having less or totally no motivation can make someone’s life to be in danger. Since then I always keep my motivation on.

Motivation is the reason why there is a difference between people, those who are highly motivated are very successful, stress-free. They focus on their goals and are very determined to make it in life. When there is the motivation you wake up each morning with a lot of strength and energy.

Everybody else has a reason to be motivated and energized. It is just a choice away from being motivated and energized. I am motivated because I have allowed my mind to be motivated.

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