How To Develop Ideas That Drives Your Life

Ideas make new things in life and we should not kill ideas. Everything you see around was an idea in some curious mind. What if this, what if that, can I can do that, Will this help someone, why it is happening the way it is happening all these curious questions are your ideas. I have learned one thing implementation is the key to success & experience. Done is always better than I will.

Ideas are floating everywhere wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Observe your surroundings and you may get new ideas each day but now you know one thing for a successful idea to come to life implementation is the solution. We always try to look too far whenever we are struck with any new idea.
Whether this idea will make millions, will I have a franchise like McDonald’s, will this idea give me fame, will I be able to earn and when somehow everything sets in, you realize it requires work real work no imaginary stuff. Then you try to find excuses why it won’t work & why I will waste time in it, instead, I can work on another new idea I heard from someone else. I believe all these excuses are made up in the mind & 90% of which never comes true.

Not everyone has to develop software, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, next mobile app, next spaceship, new automobile your idea can be anything & it can be best in your niche. Find what you like and what you can do every day without feeling burnout [Monday blues]. Yes, you can make a dent in this world and leave your impression in the universe. Develop products & make services available for people who need help. You will definitely create a mark & touch many lives.

I have seen people getting famous & highly successful by selling tea, cleaning service, taxi service, selling newspapers, making tires, starting an NGO, making YouTube videos, photography, handicraft, video games, music, coaching. You have to keep yourself abreast of new trends and platforms to promote/sell your ideas.
It’s very important to give value to your idea & implement it and see what happens. Don’t be a spectator always, be a player & test your boat in the water. Just imagine, what worst can happen if you fail and if it doesn’t kill you then it’s just an experience.

If you want to validate it just see if you can do it every single day with the same passion and are you thinking day in day out in around the same idea. If the answer is yes, start implementing it and it takes a minimum of 2 years to see some concrete results. You will be tested below the belt too and new problems will arise and if you stand and keep marching ahead with passion enthusiasm openness to change and learn I m sure your idea will work. You can be a job giver rather than a seeker.

I am not saying your idea will make you super rich and financially independent immediately. The point here is you will be happy, you will get up every single day with a defined goal towards your business idea, you will be a Doer, your mind will open for new ventures, you will feel content, confidence, and sense of achievement with new experiences. At least start as a hobby after your 9-6 job, you still get enough hours to work on your craft. Get up early utilize that time, stop partying without any reason, save time and money. Practical experience teaches more than any textbook theory.

Your idea is only theory; you need to implement it on the ground. Once you have spent the number of years in one Industry you master it and you become confident about it. Therefore the number of hours you spend on your project idea you will have practical experience with immense knowledge about that Industry. Take for example any entrepreneur or startup they have indulged in and around the same idea or related to it over the years. They kept on improving, moving forward and one day they became a unicorn.

From a small tea stall to a small restaurant, to a software company incepted in a garage, any idea can grow big. At a time work on one particular idea else, you are not confident about your present idea in hand and look for an alternative to divert your mind. Jot down all your ideas in one place like in notepad, Evernote, writing pad because we think we will remember it but trust me you will eventually forget it. It will be hard to remember therefore, keep writing pad always near you.


How To Look For New Ideas:-

  • Find the problems around you and investigate problems people are facing
  • Look for complaints in existing products and complaints people are talking about
  • Identify time-consuming work and find a solution to it. If you can bring any automation solution to the problem and ease the workload
  • Unproductive work which has been going on since decades can you find a new way of doing the work or can you simplify it
  • Find a solution to bring people closer and work on solutions related to public health
  • What problem do you face in your daily life?
  • What are you most passionate about and can bring a new way of doing the things in that industry
  • Look around you what people are more talking about and what is growing at an exponential speed.

Jeff Bezos once said he saw the potential of the internet growing at 200% in the 1990s and he got an idea to sell books online via Amazon website. See if you can seize an upcoming opportunity or use it at your behest. Renewable energy will boom in coming decades, can u work around it. If you are in the manufacturing unit can u become a staff provider making it digital, can you provide office nutritious food people as people are bored with cold food, can you create bodyguards for security?

Utilize technology to upscale your business. Can you create products cheaper than existing products at better quality and utmost customer service if yes then go for it? Can you do something related to pets, designer pet shop, care, food, niche specialization in cat/mouse/birds? Condition still applies can you do it daily with the same passion. Imagine all the hurdles you will face from parents, girlfriend, wife, husband, society, shortage of capital if you are up for it then go ahead with all your heart.

Down the line when you grow old and you won’t have the energy to stand up, you will regret to wish I could have worked on my idea.

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