The 10 Quickest Ways To Be Better Than Yesterday

We overestimate what we can do in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in 5 years. We want everything quick, instant feedback/results/output and if our brain realizes it requires more time and requires continuous effort, we somehow make excuses and quit that thing. Later again when we hear some advice again the same process goes. To be better than yesterday it requires patience to adapt any good change/habit because bad ones easily get attached to us like a magnet. I mean it because I am better today than yesterday. Be better today than you were yesterday and be better tomorrow than you are today. These 10 habits will improve your health, mindset, positive attitude and help you become a more productive person. Implement these things in your life with a baby step and don’t overthink the results, just do it!

10 Ways That Will Surely Make You 1% Better Than Yesterday:-

1. Stop Smoking Cigarettes- Literally it doesn’t do any good. Remember why you started smoking because your friend offered u[Already who might have quit smoking by now] or because of some excuses that mint cigarettes can cure your cold or because it looks cool & casual/carefree as girls smoke too[ Honestly, cigarettes smoking never looks cool because it gives bad breath, Nicotine smell all over your clean body & loses your confidence while communicating] or because your favorite celebrity smokes[they do 10 other things to protect themselves, do you do that too, NO!] or Because someone offered you first drag as a bro code[Good friends don’t pull you to hell when they already know it’s injurious to smoke]. Cigarettes steal your time, money, health and give zero benefits in return. Start removing one cigarette from your daily routine and I am sure you will realize its positive effects. Whatever it has stolen from you, you will start collecting them again right from money, time, confidence and health.

2. Stop Abusing Weed/Cannabis/Marijuana- Many people are aware of weed & they have come to a term of legalizing it in many countries/states. Weed makes you slow/lazy/sleepy & stops your brain from performing tasks. It takes you to a different level where concentrating on the task becomes difficult because of sleep/laziness it brings with it. Weed as a recreational activity once in a while is acceptable as it is not being abused and people stating we don’t get addicted to it, are really wrong. I agree, it is somewhere at the bottom of most addicted substances much lower than alcohol but imagines this, by rolling a joint you can smoke it anytime & anywhere. It becomes very convenient so you tend to smoke it regularly [After smoking we feel free from all the problems in the world but when your high trip ends problem is still standing in front of you & then again we distract ourselves]. Your problems won’t run away until you work on it.

3. Exercise – Exercise is necessary which everyone is advising us but we ignore it because it requires work/pain/leaving the comfort zone and you don’t see results immediately. You think I don’t have to impress anyone or I already look good/fit. In childhood days, we use to play, run with friends; help mother at home, all these activities somehow contributed to our healthy life & mind was always active. As we advance in our age &get surrounded by work from college, office, entrepreneurship we conclude we are too busy & never start any workout. I believe not everyone has to become Arnold, Sylvester a 15 minutes Yoga, Meditation [Concentration wherever you are], GYM, Basic stretching at home can really be a booster. It not only motivates you because you have done something for your health out of your comfort zone but also allows you to filter out your thoughts. Better than yesterday a fitness journey, start with only 5 minutes daily!

4. Listen To Your Parents/Well-Wishers/Mentors – We ignore suggestions/thoughts/advice from our parents because we think we have grown up & now we know better what is happening around in life. 5 minutes conversation with your parents about what you are feeling related to the current project/idea/next big plan will give you relief. I am not saying they will understand your next tech-savvy project or politics at the office or current assignment in college but there words/support will calm you down. Out of these random thoughts, you can change your direction of thinking because you find support in them & when we have support/back-up we become more fearless & tend to take a more calculated risk. Similarly, with your well-wishers/mentors you can talk & sometimes you may get unexpected advice that can solve your anxiety/problem/thinking bottleneck. At last, you can take your decision from all the advice you receive from others. Small talk with parents/well-wishers/mentors always gives new positive vibes.

5. Don’t Procrastinate – The things which you can do now, don’t postpone it because sometimes tomorrow becomes never. Today’s small work becomes a huge mountain to climb later on. Prioritize what is important and then work on it immediately. Tomorrow also you have to do it so why to procrastinate. Work was done always to give satisfaction. After a few days, we find ourselves in a pile of tasks that seems never-ending and we fool our mind why we can’t do it. As soon as you give a new task to yourself do it immediately if it requires not more than 20 minutes. If it requires more time than make a to-do-list of your important tasks in a day.

6. Work On Your Fear – Whatever makes you frightened write it down & see which fear you can face. It will help you progress towards your goals/self-confidence/increase your skills set. Best way to tackle fear is by imagining what extreme can happen- Proposing a GF[ Extreme she might say NO], Looking for good-paying job but requires tough tasks & you keep wondering whether you will be able to do it or not[ Extreme you would be put on performance improvement or you will have to find a new job], Want to start new side project[ Extreme your project will not scale up as you expected or it will shut down]. In all the circumstances of fear if the most extreme thing is not death which we can’t be undone then it’s worth facing your fear and gains some experience. Rest of the cases everything is in our mind & these setbacks are temporary but imagine if you succeed in it.
better than yesterday

7. Skill Development – Learn new skills and update your existing strengths. There is no one solution fits all the problems in the world. Learn as much as you can and be passionate about solving problems. The number of skills you practice will increase your credibility and boost your confidence. Start with any one skill and practice it every day for the next 1 month and see what you like about it. No knowledge is ever wasted because every experience comes handy in a life journey. Make most of your time and come out of your comfort zone.

8. Remove Distractions – Any situation which doesn’t add to your goal is a distraction for you. Sometimes these distractions are long phone calls, friends, GF/BF, internet, party, relatives, comparison, TV, games, meetings among many more. Every day we all have the same 24hrs but how you utilize them defines how soon you can reach your goals. You have to decide to whom you want to give your 24hrs and who can help you in achieving your particular goal. Most of the distractions can be scrutinized and some distractions are from people who have completed their work but are looking for time pass. Save 5 minutes daily and you gain peace of mind.

9. Stop Gossiping – Gossiping about someone does no harm to them instead it takes away your energy. He is that he wore this, you know what he said, don’t know how he is getting paid, all these conversations make you insecure and bring unwanted negativity. Save your energy for some better use and converse on topics healthy for your mind and related to your goals. One bad thought can ruin your entire day.

10. Discipline/Persistence- Anything you have started requires the ability to do it repeatedly every day. In 1,2,3, days you won’t see the desired results you are expecting, it requires discipline to achieve success. Anyone can imagine a flying car but it requires a real person to make it live. Discipline helps you do the work when you don’t feel like doing. We are surrounded by so many circumstances that we skip the important activities. To be successful and become 1% better requires persistence and continuous effort before you conclude anything. Don’t give up, start small but do it regularly.

Better today than yesterday better tomorrow than today – Always keep improving. The ultimate goal is to be better today than yesterday, with a plan to become even better tomorrow. The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday.

Are you better than yesterday?

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