To People Who Want To Wake Up Early But Can’t Get Started

There are always positive benefits of healthy habits in life. We should adopt as many qualities as possible. Whether you learn from someone else or inculcate from within, good habits automate your lifestyle towards healthy living.  At the start, everything looks difficult, especially a new habit, but once you start practicing it, it will run in an autopilot mode without you even noticing it. Start as small as possible, once you start enjoying it, then, take the plunge. If you can conquer the morning, you can win the day. Wake up early; it will really produce positive results down the line.

“The early morning has gold in its mouth.” – Benjamin Franklin

Wake up early with following benefits-

  1. You get more time: –You can add extra hours to your productive day. When other people are sleeping you can work on your craft/hustle. Whatever you wish to achieve, this early morning hours can take you to leap forward & give an added advantage. Your competitor is working extra hours while you are sleeping and loving your bed, you will lose to that person when you will compete with him/her. Virat Kohli, Narendra Modi, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk all are early morning people. They know early mornings are the best time to prepare for the day. If you get up late you won’t get those extra hours to do anything extra except sleeping.
  2. Fresh air: –Mornings are the least polluted and fresh air; a quiet environment gives a sense of refreshment. You can feel the view and listen to your thoughts. Cool breeze, the sun is about to rise, what an amazing scene and it brings positivity to life. Fresh air keeps your lungs healthy and makes you healthy.
  3. Mindset for the entire day: –Your mind becomes activated and charged up the whole day. You feel fresh and accomplished. As you have visualized how your day will pass and what all you can achieve today, your mindset will run to accomplish it. You have defined the goals and now you have the motive to get it. Whatever happens around you an entire day, will not affect your thoughts. You will emerge as a strong-headed and productive person. Whether you want to be a runner, designer, coder, dancer, singer, chef, writer, whatever may be your craft; early morning mindset simplifies your day.
  4. Some extra activity: –Everyone’s 9-10hrs are fixed for what they would be doing like going to school, college, housewives, corporate companies. Therefore, we always hear people saying, I don’t have time that’s why I am not working on my passion/side business/income/craft/muse. But they don’t know these extra hours you have to steal by waking up early. The early morning allows you to do extra practice and work on new skills you are passionate about.
  5. On-time: –You are on time to office/meetings/school/interviews. If you respect time, time will respect you tomorrow. The early morning allows you to prepare thoroughly for the entire day. Any spilled overwork from yesterday you can complete and still be on time.
  6. Boost your immune system: –Early mornings will make you stronger and distant from laziness. Fresh air, beautiful view, and a strong mindset make your immune system stronger. You feel energetic and passionate to achieve more in life.
  7. You get to meet Mother Nature: –When everything is quiet and a cool breeze is flowing around, you get to see the true beauty of nature. Air is less polluted and it is very pleasing to watch birds singing in the morning. When you walk around the greenery and meet new happy faces in the garden, it feels great to know the importance of nature.
  8. Proper breakfast: –Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If it is not avoided, it causes acidity and deteriorates your health. We usually skip breakfast because we are always in a hurry. Getting up 1 hour early can really make you healthy. Every day you can try a new breakfast.
  9. More energy and positivity: –When you wake up early you get enough time to do all the work, right from exercising to bathing, breakfast preparation, drafting today’s action plan. This gives you instant energy and a sense of accomplishment to start the day. Your thoughts toward life change quickly as you find yourself more productive and hungry to achieve more.
  10. Peace of mind: –Everything that has happened yesterday has gone. Morning gives you time to start again and make the most out of 24hrs credited to your life. Proper planning, clear thought process, healthy food, exercise and working on your craft really gives peace of mind. Don’t let your day run away without any meaning.
  11. Best time to meditate: –It is rightfully said early mornings are the best time to work on your thoughts. When there is quiet outside, no one is there to disturb you and no one is expecting your attention, it’s a favorable time to meditate/yoga/breathing exercises.
  12. Sets routine: –As you have planned to get up early in the morning, now it becomes your duty to sleep early. In order to have a sound sleep of 5-6hrs, bedtime and waking-up time should sync with each other. Complete all your work and have dinner on time and before going to bed say to yourself “Tomorrow is mine. I will get up with a smile & passion without any worries”.

Write down all your thoughts in the morning and empty your brain on a paper and some of these thoughts won’t bother your entire day. So, will you wake up early from tomorrow?


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