The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Review

Humankind is blessed with 2 types of the thinking process, conscious and subconscious, which makes our decision making direct, indirect or, sometimes, even. The beauty that lies with us is that we keep thinking over things and make our judgment. We make decisions based on instincts and guts. These decisions are not always to implement as it is mounted up by our subconscious mind.

I came across this book where Murphy shares his point of view on self-help and a positive attitude. Through this book, Murphy has explained what our subconscious mind is, and how it helps us to fix various problems of our lives – problems related to health, finances, spouses, friends, etc. However, this is a religion preaching book which I generally try not to pick. I made an exception because of its reviews.

The preface and the editorial have no mention of religion in it. It emphasizes the fact that bringing changes in our beliefs can do wonders for our lives.

In a nutshell, this edition is religiously inspiring. However, I had a different set of expectations. I found deep insight into the beneficial aspects of religion. I am not joking. I’ve long been thinking over this, and have known how people see it as psychological self-help. I reached the conclusion that religion is a great way to overcome trouble. After all, believing that someone is watching over is surely more reassuring than believing that there’s nothing there. In this book, I’ve read in detail about this, and now I feel that I know more and see the religious world more clearly. But frankly, I’m not ready for this. My rational mind won’t accept it, yet.

To sum up, this book is an excellent way to make people well educated about restoring the power we carry within. Deep inside our mind has infinite intelligence and power. We just have to collect our wits to think, sight it, feel it to fruition from this moment forward. Your half-conscious mind will accept your blueprints (as the author says) and bring all those things to move on.

All my recommendation is for people out there who believe in the existence of supernatural powers. So, if you’re religious, this book can be the right choice for you. If you’re an atheist trying to convert and gain some belief, this is exactly the book for you.

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