Screw It, Let’s Do It: Lessons In Life Review

I am onto a book review, I kind of now am enjoying this to share my experience of book reading with people around. One of the recent books by Sir Richard Branson, who is a billionaire, just killed it all the way throughout the book, especially in the title – Screw It, Let’s Do It Stories may vary, but this attitude is sure to get anybody through any circumstance, no matter how tough or complicated that may be. That is what Branson shares in this book. Doing it doesn’t screw it. It teaches secrets to success.

Screw It Let’s Do It Review

I learned a lot of from this book and am still learning. It is talking about cherishing and enjoying life, he has outlined some very simple steps or rules which he followed to be what he is now, to help us surely to craft the vision of life and exploring the areas of life like we should try everything once in our life as life is too short, and if you choose out something that you want to then do it, if you don’t enjoy it then don’t do it simply.

Upon reading this, I was feeling like that he is speaking to me directly. Richard Branson, owner of more than 300 plus companies under the umbrella company called Virgin. A man more successful, this billionaire man has a decade of experience A decade of knowledge giving us the best business advice. Moving from that, he had fun in what he did. This is what the essence lies in everything is. We need to find fun in things that we want to pursue in our life. A lot of people feel various fears of life such as fear of failure, fear about money, being clueless about goals of life, what they really do in life. If you are getting into any business, if you are interested in having fun, if you hate your corporate job, if you have fear of different things . this is the book to read. I highly encourage you to spend 5 dollars to buy and keep this book with you so whenever we get stuck in our lives, we can go over to these simple rules and practice them, again and again, to be successful and sorted.

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